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Re: Unforgiveable
Oct 8, 2012
Yes that is possible...but I have never seen him with a cold sore on his lips. I do sorta kinda believe that he has / had no idea that he carries HSV II (and he may not bc he has not had a blood test). He had no idea about the lesion on my buttocks (and neither did I at the time). It seems odd even if he did cheat on me given that we have not had much intimacy if any and then when we last saw each other it took 3 months for me to have an OB...I realize I may have had minor symptoms that went undetected. I do believe he went to the doctor and he convinced him that bc he had a cold sore in the past that he has the herpes virus....I do not think he realizes that I need more support than he is giving me, especially since it is a long distance relationship. He has called me every day but I am speechless...i don't know what to say to him and cannot see how we can spend a week together and then go on holiday for 6 weeks to a remote island and live together in very small space....I am sure I will get angry especially if he is not attentive to me....I still do not understand why he has not been interested in me for several is true we were arguing...but that never stopped him...he is not too many years from 70 though - perhaps this has something to do with it? I don't like him to take viagra though I know he has it at his disposal. He is quite narcissistic and a prima dona. I do love him and we have been through serious life events (he lost somebody very important to him). Just seems weird that in 15 years I never got anything and then after a few years of problems...I get it? I did think that maybe he had a sore on his penis/buttocks and I made sure to check when he was in the he is such a baby and quite ignorant in the pure sense of the word about health matters...that he would have complained to me...the only thing he ever complained of was what seemed to be a hemorrhoid. He is very close to me about his personal bits...and issues. We are very close in many ways...though I do not trust him 100%...I am friends with his ex but I would never and have never discussed him to her bc that would not be right and she is a need to go there. I too would not do that. I am speechless when he said he didn't need to go to the doctor bc he would be on holiday. Am I wrong to think it is the right thing to do - that is, when we are travelling in another country we/he will have a blood test? and we can ask questions about my health? and how we can manager this moving forward? Or should I just forget it? Perhaps he thinks he must have it by default (or knows he could have contracted it) --doesn't matter bc I have it--- so does not feel the need to have blood drawn? I don't know. What I need is rationale for why he should get tested and accompany me to the clinic. I don't know...I don't even want to talk about this anymore with him. THE END. there is nothing more to talk about.

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