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Just wondering if I can get some opinions on something.

My boyfriend was married and divorced about 17 years ago. He has 2 older children, both over 20 years old.

His ex-wife's sister is married to my boyfriend's best friend. So she is always around. Before my boyfriend moved in with me I found out she had a key to his apartment which I thought was odd. Also, she used to ask him for hugs everytime she saw him. Since he was in a relationship and she was too I thought what she asked was inappropriate and I asked him to stop hugging her, and he did.

Recently her boyfriend (her second husband that she divorced then went back to in 2011) left her for another woman. Now she is alone in her apartment.

She asked that my boyfriend come to her apartment and replace electrical recepticals that a painter she hired painted over. I think this is inappropriate also. Does anyone else agree? When she was with her boyfriend she never asked for him to come over and fix things but now that she was left she thinks she can just come back to him and ask him to do things that her landlord or another male friend could do?

My boyfriend didn't think he sould have to tell me things like this, I only found out because I asked him if he ran into her and he admited he did and then told me about her request, if I hadn't asked he said he wouldn't have told me. I have an issue with that? Does anyone think he should tell me things like that without me having to ask?

Well, we ended up in a fight over it, I am bothered that 1. she asked him to do that, and 2. that he doesn't think he should tell me things like that. I am not mad at him for what she did, I am bothered that she does it. He did tell her no, he said out of respect for our relationship. But if we weren't together he would have done it for her. Until he was with me he used to hang out with her (after she divorced her second husband) at his friend's house and they never seemed to have cut the ties. Now I understand they should interact about their children (again who are over 20 years old) but this miscellaneous stuff she shouldn't be asking for.

And, he isn't talking to me now because of this.

What do you all think?

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