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Maybe if you called the lending institution they may have ideas as to how you could get the car back. It is still in your wives name? I think he might be lieing about his job, his pay. But, just like your mom is judging you on how you two spend your money, you are doing that same thing to your son. Not about the car payment so much, but irs, unemployment etc. Your family wont give you his address because they know that you will rat on him. And your his father. Write him a long letter saying all you wanted to say when you missed his visit. Dont include any questions or judgements @all. Even have your mom read it to make sure. There is something more fundamentally wrong than just not paying for the car if your own son doesnt give you his own address. Imo.. maybe he thinks that you want something from him, other than the car pymt or doesnt want you to know where he lives because he knows that you would take car, rat on him, feels that you dont take delight in his successes, but rather begrudge them. Just some opinion thoughts. Try to restore relationship with your son. Your wife may feel differently about him if she wasnt hearing mad, bad bluster about your son all the time. For instance, when she gave car to son with pymt agreement, you knew that your car only got 12mpg then, right? So, why didnt you keep it, because it would give him an opportunity to make alot of money. Do you feel entitled to some because you or your wife made it possible? Think it over. I could be all wrong here. But raised children to adults& i think, imo only, that your relationship with your son is more valuable than any amount of money!

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