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Personally I think it is cheating when a man in a relationship chooses to play knight in shining armor to a woman outside the relationship.
He probably gets an ego boost out of it, which he knows is wrong, so he chooses to keep it a secret. Plus I'm sure they're discussing all kinds of things about their romantic relationships that are supposed to be private, breaking the trust of their significant others.

Why do you think he wants to keep this a secret? Why do you think he feels guilty that you found out?
It's called an emotional affair.

I know some people say, it's not an affair without sex, or so long as he comes home to me after doing who only knows what then everything's fine, but I think that's a very shallow view of relationships.

If you have to explain to a grown man why lying to you is wrong, that is very bad news, because he obviously already knows it's wrong, he's just doing it anyway.

And of course he wants to spend his life with you, you take him back after he breaks your boundaries. Cheaters tend to make wives of the women who will take them back. But do you want to spend your life with him? It's only been three years, you're not even married, and this woman has been a consistent intrusion in your relationship.

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