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Hi I am a 17 year old male.

I have been broken up with my ex for 6 months now and have started to think that I may have overlooked things she told me. However I'm not sure if things my ex confided in me about were true or if she was just attention seeking. I can't ask her about it now, things didn't end well so we haven't spoken since we broke up. I'm just wondering how much was the truth.

We were together for a year, our relationship was not the best. We didn't talk that much and only spent 1 or 2 days a week together. I often annoyed her because she was bored and she didn't like aspects of my personality. However neither of us had many friends so it was nice for us both to hang out with someone. Her parents were recently divorced.

I know she lied to me about one thing because it was so outrageous 'my dad is better than your dad' story. However there was some personal stuff I am uncertain about. She said her mum was an alcoholic, she also got annoyed when she drank wine with some meals when we were around her, but she would stop after 1 or 2 glasses. She banned me from drinking even though I later found out she was doing it with friends. She also said her dad was aggressive towards her and hit her, but I never saw any evidence of anything physical. She seemed to idolise him and got angry if I ever suggested he wasn't right.

There was some other personal stuff I am also uncertain about too. She said she was diagnosed with bi polar before meeting me and had been on medication for it, but she didn't seem to show signs of it when I was around her except anger issues which she took out on me and through bullying at school.

I had had experiences with men before meeting her, after admitting so a few days later I asked if she had with women, she said she had been in a lesbian relationship and during so was raped by her girlfriend, she also said she hated that she was with a girl in her past. I don't know if it was said to top my story although she didn't say it immediately after I told her, and instead may have admitted to it later because she felt she could open up to me.

She only mentioned these personal things one time, but I'm not sure if that's because we weren't that close so she didn't feel she could confide in me, or if it's because she was attention seeking. She also didn't get emotional when doing so but I'm not sure if she was putting on a brave face.
Please advise.

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