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I am staying in India.

My Wife was till now staying with her parents which is 1000 Miles away. My parents stay in another city 300 Miles away. Both of us are software engineers.

I was staying with her. As soon as we got married, I got a job and moved. She never stayed with me citing that she doesn't wants to give up her job. All this while she kept on persuading me to move back. In reality, she did not like my family members and felt that moving to will get her in close proximity to my parents, who live in adjacent city.

We spent one year staying alone and barely used to meet. The distance and rituals associated with new marriage in India made things from bad to worse. At the end of first year, the situation was close to divorce. She agreed to come for Anniversary. In the party after everything got over, she was sitting tired in one corner. My father approached her out of concern; and kissed her. By mistake the kiss landed on her lips and she made a big issue out of it. In India kissing on cheeks is still acceptable though kissing on lips is a big deal.

She went back to her original city. Swore that she will never come to my city and will NEVER EVER talk to my mum, dad, sis bro and classified everyone as unworthy family. She was clear that even if we have kids, she will not allow anyone in my family to ever see or touch them. It took me one year and multiple trips for her to convince her that she should stay with me and that we won't get my parents or bro or sis ever to my house . So finally after 2 years she agreed to join me under these stern conditions.

After 2 months of staying with me, she started to crib that she is not getting a good job. By the third month she had pressurized me so much that my city A is worthless because she couldn't find a job and that we should move back to her city B. She started to become increasingly irritated and was pushing me every day to drop my job and move back to city B. I asked her if she wants to take a break for 2-3 weeks and visit her parents in City B. She agreed and left for a 2-3 week trip.

I had not met my parents for these 4 months. In the meanwhile, they have been wanting to see the new house in which we shifted, and came for a day in her absence to my house. Somehow she came to know about it from the neighbors. Same day she called me up and fought big time why my parents came. In the fit of rage she broke my camera and smartphone which she was carrying and i ended up becoming poorer by a $1500 at least. And then she said she is not coming back at any cost. She found a job in her city B. I tried to find a job in city B fora few months but couldn't. After a few months, she filed for a divorce.

I think she has hyped her reaction a bit too much. I tried to convince her that even though my parents came for a day in her absence, it didn't harm her. And if she didn't like it, they won't come again. But she won't listen. As if she was in any case pressurizing me to leave my city; and got an excuse.

Now she tells me that i am a man with no balls; who couldn't keep his promise. I went over a few times to meet her and convince her that even if i did a mistake; to err is to human; and we should give a chance. But she wouldn't listen. She wanted me to move to her city, buy a flat a car and set up a house. Basically settle far away from my family. When i couldn't get a job in 2-3 months, she filed for a divorce.

She tells me that i am a woman in a man's body; someone who can't be trusted and is a weak person. My father called up her father to explain and apologize, but they won't listen. She has decided that she doesn't want to spend anytime with me. I just don't know what to do. Could someone suggest.

I have gone twice to help her and her parents convince; they dont listen. My parents have also talked on phone but no help. As a last resort, I am thinking of taking my parents to her house (where she stays with her parents) and beg to be together.

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