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I come here for some help because I am really in a rough spot. My girlfriend and I have been together almost 2 years. I have dated a good amount of women in my life but have felt nothing compared to how I feel for her. Our relationship was great till we had to move away and finish college at different schools. We are only 2 hours away so I see her at least once a month for an entire weekend (Thursday night – Monday morning). She comes over my place randomly one Monday which wasn’t the normal and we had a great time and a lot of sex. Later that night we talked on Skype for a while before bed and I said “Goodnight Love you!” I get the “You too good for me” and from that moment I knew she did something wrong. After a good amount of talking she said she cheated on me at a party. She was drunk, not with her sorority sister to watch out for her and did it with some random dude. She told be once it started she cried and had friends come in and get her. I felt she came over and used me for sex and I took a break for a few weeks. I called her up I wanted to forgive her it was a HUGE MISTAKE but I was willing to work for use if she was. She told me she doesn’t know what she wants and thinks she is just changing as a person. (Major point here she is Asian and her parents are very strict she wasn’t allowed to do anything and I think she just let loose). Heartbroken I moved on meet new friends, started to go to the gym every day, went to party, ect. This week she calls me in tears in pain. She was peeing blood and was scared and called me because my family are doctors/nurses so she asked what to do. I asked if she had sex with anyone while we weren’t together it might be an STD which in this case seems like the most possible answer. She said she hasn’t had sex with anyone after we broke up but has done other things. I told her to go get checked and drink cranberry juice because it might be a kidney infection or UTI. Few hrs later calls back in more pain so I call a friend and he takes her to the ER. They ran some test and it come back negative for an STD but has a UTI. I helped her out and always will I still very much love this girl. A day or so later she calls me and say that I was the only person who was every really there for her. People spend a life time looking for what we had and still never find it. It was the biggest mistake of her life and would do anything for me to take her back. I said I don’t think that’s a good idea but she has non-stopped begged for days. She is coming in town for a week tomorrow and I agreed to see her. I guess what my question really is, should I try and work things out. Deep inside I want to but I hear all the time cheaters will always be cheaters, friends and family hate her for what she did to me and we still have another good 2 years of long distance we have to do. I think she only wants to get together because during our break some guy just used her and I was the only person that has ever treated her like a queen every day and was there for her.

If any other information is need just ask.

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