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I suppose he just got comfortable with it.. and it became a sort of routine we have now. But I despratly want some alone time and space from him.
When I bring it up he either gets angry or sad. Because he thinks that if I don't want to constantly be with him that means I don't love him anymore.

Its very unfair. Becase I end up resenting him and I feel pushed away and I can't talk to him because he is so abrasive when it comes to this subject.
Another note... he plans my entire days for me and tries to micro manage everything

He always calls and wakes me up at 3 pm and I am always mean to him when he wakes me up... he says its because if I sleep all day I wont be able to wake up for him at night.
He always nags me about my sleeping times. I have insomnia....why can't he see how important sleep is to me?.. it has nothing to do with him...[/QUOTE]

There are two major issues that you need to consider. 1) He is VERY VERY insecure with himself. He/You say it's OCD, but it's really his insecurities that has him clinging to you for dear life. It's a tremendous amount of pressure/stress to have someone like that since everything revolves around you and your ability to make him happy. I'm sorry but he's not a healthy individual which is why he has to control your life. His controlling nature is a way to mitigate his insecurities which he should get some help on if he wants to be able to have a healthy relationship.

I'm not saying you should just dump him outright since I'm sure there's other qualities you like, but you have to address the second major issue which is 2) boundaries. You really have to set your boundaries and be firm with it. He also has to respect your boundaries or else you're going to resent him like you already do. I would have a heart to heart with him and tell him that he has to respect your boundaries and that you are NOT a child and he's NOT your mother/father who has to tell you what to do everyday. You are your own individual self and can do things quite easily yourself. If he can't deal with you being an individual or understand that you need space then you need to decide if that is how you want to live. It's not going to get better if you don't stand up for yourself and have him deal with his insecurities.

Good Luck!

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