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I was sort of writing(emails) to my ex.boyfriend and also one of my more serious ex's...(I nearly married the dude!!).mostly talking about the "good old days" but, also telling him about past friends he might want to see or hear from again...this was via my emails.. He also wrote to me on FB and tried to friend me.(My hubby said NOT to friend him..because hubby just does NOT trust the guy...even though he has never met him before .) Hubby is going by what he has heard about the guy from me...(he was abusive when he was younger..controlling and I turned him down and dumped him when he was in bootcamp (he wanted to marry me!)
The ex lives far away in another state... and here we go with my questions about him...

I know that he got supposedly bombed in a car or something in Iraq..(he was in the Army...) He was and used to be a chronic liar..I think that he still is.. too..but, I have no proof but, I think that he is STILL like this. (I can sort of tell by how he writes to me..but, what I should get to is the point of all of this... I have always wanted to be his friend and while "I" will write a ton of letters TO him..he does NOT really write back to me!! Just off and on..and ONLY when HE feels like doing so. He said that his ex wife was put back into his WILL for helping him and to help him take his meds...and there were times when he had written back to me that he told me that one of his daughters read his email to him,...and had to decipher what I wrote...(it's NOT that confusing..but, then again I suuure can write a lot!! LOL!!)

He inserts in his emails that his ex wife said this or that towards me,...and also in the past(before he got ill), he once called me and he told me that his ex wife hates me. then began to laugh hysterically on the phone!! .(I have NEVER EVER met this woman, so why does or would she hate me?!!!?) I have also never emailed or anything like this!! I do NOT know her!!

I also got one letter that he told me (when he was sick and is apparently still ill) "don't mind *ex wife's name* she is just a very jealous person...(ironically he used to be like this..I don't know if he has since changed...I kind of doubt it!!)

Why would he mention his ex wife...? I think that he might be living with her.. I can't figure out WHY he keeps inserting HER feelings in HIS emails to me?? What's up with that anyways???

I really want to know from a guys personal opinion what they think but, other people please share and tell me what you honestly honestly think about this situation!! I want to know if they are together or if they just live together and she is his ex and also a friend and also his "nurse"..because in reality she IS a nurse!


P.S. Do you suppose or think that he does NOT want me to write to him anymore or wants for me to leave him alone? I can't really tell!! Thanks!!


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