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Our relationship started hard and fast. Since the beginning of our relationship we've been living together this was 18 months ago. In the meantime we got engaged. From the beginning we had to work very hard on our relationship to make it work. We never had the opportunity to date and be inlove. We had the fights of married couples. As the months past we only got stronger and we just bloomÖ.

We never spend much time with each other as our jobs in the city was letting us work long hours and never had the same days off. But I had time to go to the gym meet up with friends had people at work who loved and adore me but Both of us were very unhappy with our work and I could not get another job opportunity. We decided to move to the country side so he can enjoy heís work environment. He is the outdoor type of guy and I am the indoor type of girl that hates getting dirty and being far away from the city. But as we both wanted to spend more time together I gave up everything, packed my bags and went with him trying to make it work even if I would have loved living in the city. Now I stay at home every day just being a housewife. Cleaning, cooking and washing etc. He has 2 breaks of an hour every day and works from 4am-5:30pm and every second weekend he has 3 days off. I really get so alone at home and just want to spend time with him but he has to go sleep early every night. I understand that, but on his 2 weekends a month off he wants to go fishing, hunting and all those type of things. Things I would not be able to do with him at all because thatís not me. I feel sad, mad and frustrated that he wants to do these things and give up the time he could spend with me? I gave up all I love to be with him and make this work but is he doing it for me? We canít make friends because the people here are older than us and they have their own families. I feel so lost. I canít work here as the closes town is an hourís drive and there is not much that I want to do as this is not my type of environment? He has change so much since we moved to the country itís like I am engaged to a different guy. I told him how I feel and that I am lonely but he said I should give him time to do things what he wants to do?

I know with all my heart he loves me and want to spend his life with me and I feel the same but

[B]Am I asking for too much? Am I unreasonable? Being to clinging?
Is this the beginning of the end?[/B]

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