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So your saying I should end it? The thing is I am not sure what to do about this because he did put himself and me through hell for a year after I did what I did. But let me say that before I did what I did I had enough of him and him being nasty. This guy I cheated was there and he could of been anyone. I was full of guilt not that I enjoyed the sex or anything infact I was not in great state of mind. I don't even know what planet I was on.

It's like since yesterday he had an idea I want to end our relationship and trying to do everything to make me happy. He wants to get me a new phone and I wanted to visit family and told him I want to go. He like saying he will get the day off. Trying to basically do everything for me. Don't know what changed him he must know I have changed.

Last year was on this site we both went on he started hating me on there said all sorts. Cut internet off so I was not chatting to these people so the beginning of this year I not been on there. Just felt it's not worth upsetting him and having him have a go at me everyday about it.

I am sitting here thinking do I end or try again. As we been trying for so long and all I can think of the nasty stuff he said to me last year. Like he told my son he looks ugly like me. He told me I want revenge to go sleep with some other woman and with my luck I will get her pregnant. All sort of horrible stuff and putting down but the more he does the more he making me strong in myself.

Honestly deep down probably I do love him just don't think he will get over what I done and as I said before don't want to have it thrown in my face all the time. He wanting to control me in every single way. Asking our son what I do when he gets home.
I want to sort myself out before I think about us. I feel very guilty for what I did but he needs to look at himself aswell for stuff he has done aswell.

I feel stuck because of my son but if it was only me I would be gone already. I guess serious thinking to do.

Thankyou for your advice

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