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A quick low down. We have been texting, chatting, etc. for 7 months. We went to high school together and have been Facebook friends for years. When we started whatever this is, I was afraid. I had no clue that he was at all interested. I hadn't had anyone come on to me that strong in a long time. After a rocky 7 year relationship, I kind of blew him off. We had lunch a couple times and met up at different places a couple times, as well. Eventually, we started texting consistently and chatting on line. We have little boys that are 4 months a part and are both single, so that somewhat gets in the way of meeting up, as well, as school and work, plus social situations. There are times that I won't see him for almost a month. The sex is unimaginable and we both have said we aren't sleeping with anyone else.

Here is my qualm. After all this time, we haven't went out on a real date. Like him picking me up for dinner and drinks. It's almost always some time spent in bed and one of us has to leave. I have spent one complete night with him. We text all day long. There are times when I think he is just answering back because he doesn't want to come off as not paying attention, but really could care less about the conversation. So my first question: is this really just sex or really because we are busy with life and getting together is hard?

And here is the kicker. He messaged me to get on Gchat. OK. "I need to tell you something and I want you to know before reading it on Facebook. I've accepted a job 3 hours away." He is selling his house and moving as I write this. I asked him if this was a "break up thing." He told me I don't know what it is, I just want to make sure you know. I then asked if he'd rather cut ties. He left it up to me. My response, "I don't know how I will feel in a month, but I don't want to right now." Him: My thoughts exactly. I also asked where we stand then, he basically told me that he doesn't want to stand in my way in dating others and "I have so many other things to worry about, that finding a date is the furthest thing from my mind." WHAT DO I DO?

One of our conversations a couple days ago had to do with an old "flame' showing up at my door. I told him about it, how I shooed the guy away, and he said, "you don't have to explain to me. We aren't dating, so you are open to do what you want."

I want more than a FWB and him and I have gotten close (or I thought), but this seems to have went that direction. When asking what he thought would happen, he would tell me I don't know. Our schedules conflict a lot or something to that effect.

I am confused on what the right thing to do is. Cut ties and let him go? Try to stay in contact and visit each other? I am up in arms in the right decision.

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