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I'll make this quick.

Me and my girlfriend of nearly 4 years broke up in July. (She moved to a diff city) I was pretty angry, depressed, anxious and couldn't sleep properly for months. We started talking again a bit at a time then she basically felt horrible and said that she wanted to get back together. This was in November.

We got back together, spent Christmas together and things seemed to be going alright. At times it was weird because I'd look at her and still think "Wow can't believe you put me through all this stress" but I would never mention it because I was scared of upsetting her and didn't want to bring up the past.

Then one night we visited my grandmothers for her birthday and as we were leaving my drunk auntie basically gave her an ear full over what had happened over the past few months. I was mortified and had to pull my girlfriend away from her before I went ballistic.

We went for a day out recently and I was so paranoid. I felt as if we were both trying to be sensible because we didn't want to scare each other away. Then later on that night she wasn't responding like she usually would. i.e. kissing as we usually do. This made me super anxious and scared. I couldn't sleep too well and it's all I've thought about. She then went home and hasn't been too responsive to messages.

Phoned her earlier and we both agreed it felt weird, but we both love each other. She says she feels that she rushed the relationship (which I agreed that we did).

We agreed to take a break from seeing each other for a while (I wish I could see her everyday!) and give her some space to realise what she wants.

I know people say this is the start of a slippery slope but I guess like everyone in this situation, I don't want this to end. I love her with all of my heart and couldn't stand the pain of losing her again.

We both said that we will still be talking to each other and see each other on some days. She said she still loves me and said that this is just a break.

I'm terrified. I know I won't be sleeping well for a while now... :(

Anyone else ever rushed back into a relationship? Be honest please...

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