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He shoudlnt have done it in the first place. I an having relationship problems as well so i seeked information if me and him were still in love one of the posts.were if you are thinking about cheating its best it is ended. That's basically what it said. See even if thinking about cheating is considered cheating.. I don't know really what to say I would probably flip out on my fiance and leave him. I've had it happen to me before.. I was 16 and I had a boyfriend, of course, and he was my first. We started arguing and arguing because he didn't want to come see me one day instead he wanted to hang out with another girl.. at the time it had been 6 months.. that's when I ended it because I knew what he was doing.. next thing I know he was with her. I don't care what the story is.... it happened. sorry to tell you this like that but it happened. ): anyway Maybe talk to him about it some more and really think about it.... Don't let him hurt you like I was 4 years ago.. I may not know a lot because I am young but I know a lot for my age.

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