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I am sorry if this is the wrong board to post this in, as i could not find any other that suited this topic.
I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, she lives in Norway and i live in England, finished my last term at university. We have been together since August last year (2012) and it has been good, we spent halloween together and christmas. However, over the recent week i have started to feel a bit paranoid. It all started when she told me she was out taking a couple of drinks with some friends and then afterwards had joined this guy from her work back to his for a few more drinks. This is what i see that began my paranoia, i asked her the day after what she had done and she said they had only taken a few drinks and had been chatting about work and why he had moved to town. Today she had helped one of her friend move and this guy from her work (lets call him R) was there to help with the heavy lifting as he lives in the area. She then told me that he had been helping out throughout the day and that when they were finished she had fallen asleep in his lap. Having just gotten over the fact that she had joined him home for drinks and now apperantly fallen asleep in his lap have sort of thrown me into the deep end of the emotional pool.

My girlfriend is a girl that have had alot of hardships in her life and i trust her more than anyone, despite me being paranoid. Now, i know that there is most likely nothing to these things other than what she said they were, but i still have this feeling of... helplessness. A few months ago she was at a party and this guy she knows kissed her in his drunken stupor, her reaction was as she and her best friend have told me, was to cry for almost two days and believe that i would be so angry at her for being kissed that i would break up with her. This is the reason i 'know' she can and will never cheat. But still, i cannot get over my paranoia for things like she falling asleep in R's lap!

I have thought it through rationally and even asked a guy i know at her work about this R and i was told that he is a really nice guy and seemed to not be the type that would try to get my girlfriend to cheat. I trust him and i trust my girlfriend but i still feel that there is more to it.

Sorry if this was cluttered and a wall of text, but i am at a loss of what to do. I dont want to ask my girlfriend about it as she will then think i wont trust her, but then again i want to find out if there is anything to this or if it is just me and my mind playing tricks.

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