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Our problem or I should say, the problem that I see and feel is when my boyfriend told me he wants to sleep in his own spot. See I live in a one bedroom cottage and the tv in the room doenst have cable so we need to watch much of the same old movies or pre recorded tv shows in there. The TV out in the living room has cable but only one couch that doesnt full out into a sleeper. See he tells me that he wants to eaither sleep in the living room or bedroom. He tells me its hard for him to just sleep with me because he has slept with inanyone in over 10 years. So he is uncomfortable. But what i dont understand is why cant he work on his issue to make me feel loved just like he feels love by me. He said its hard for him. Ok we have been dating for 4 years now and just last decemeber he moved in with me. So when I went out to the living room to ask him when his sports show is over, he asked me why, so then I asked him again, and he said, aroudn 8pm. he said to me why what are you going to watch at 8. I told him i dont know, im always in the bedroom watching dvd over and over again because you have the TV with cable out here. so I dont know whats on. he said i will switch with you any time. First off, i feel that he may be hiding something but not sure what. he has been getting on his lap top alot more when im in bed. A few times when im out there. Plus he doesnt want to sleep in the same room/bed as I? I dont get it. I dont know how to feel. what should i do?

I love him very much!
thanks in advance..

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