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So i have along story that dates back 2 years... but to cut it short I was in a relationship with my exboyfriend for 3 years... then he lied and went on a day trip with a girl coworker...came back and we were together for another year. I was completely depressed for that year.. and we ended up taking a break.

Basically during this break i went out and started to feel like my old self. I ended up starting to date a really good friend of mine. And i was happy and felt like it could work.

However my ex kept contact me and telling me he loves me, that he can't believe i would move on..etc etc. and i got so confused and mixed up with my feelings.

In the end, I am not on anti-depressants and currently going through therapy. I thought my heart was going to split into two.

After much sessions (and a bit of self confidence) i realized that i really needed to let go of my ex. After going back and forth with him, i decided my current boyfriend was so much more trustworthy and genuine.

Last week however, i went to see my ex, as a sort of closure act. During he kept trying to kiss me and i resisted. And he kissed me, and i kissed him back. All the while I felt that "it wasn't how it used to be" and i stopped it. Sometime later that week, i was a mess from that.. and my ex contacted me again. He kept asking for "unclothed" photos of me. And at first i was hesistant. He was dating someone and I am trying to make what i have with my current boyfriend work. However he kept saying "its me. how could you say no.".. and so i did... and i immediately felt horrible. I then said that i wanted to just stop all of this. I wanted to be happy and start a real fresh relationship. and that i didn't want to talk to him and I couldnt do this anymore.

So I'm finally feeling closure. I know I'm a mess..and i come off as a horrible girl. Seriously, i get that.... but i really really want to make it work with my current boyfriend. He's so supportive and loving.. and i know that if i tell him everthing.. he would leave me....

do you guys think its wise to tell him.. or just to keep it all in and then start now as a "fresh new start"

again, i know how horrible i must sound. And i'm fully ready to take bad criticism.. thanks

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