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Im not surprised she's freaking out a bit you've only been together for six months and in the course of about six weeks she's gotten planning to move in, got engaged and found out she's pregnant! That is a ton of change to go through so quickly. It's like your relationship is on fast forward. Give her time for it to settle in. I currently live with my boyfriend we had been dating two years when we agreed to move in and then we had six months to plan, end our leases, get an apartment that suits us both, talk about bills, habbits, chores etc. Even without a baby coming and a wedding to plan moving in together takes adjustments. She's probably also really emotional right now because of the baby. All you can do is be supportive of her pregnancy and try to continue to build your relationship. What would you be doing right now if you weren't having a baby? planning the move? getting to know each other in preparation for the move? Do those things, get to know each other and don't rush it.

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