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So me an my ex went out for two years everything was perfect. We had our arguements but we were fine. It was the est feeling in the world and be alwyas said how much he cared about me and how much he loved me. About 1 year into our relationship he went off to this coed camp and when he got back he was acting strange he kep telling me that he couldn't hang out. I knew he was avoiding me and so i broke up with him. We ended up getting back together about 4 days after. But the next month i found out that he had all of a sudden liked some girl he met that is why he was avoiding me. He was messaging one of her friends on her facebook around the time we broke up. He said that he wish he would have gotten we number. And that every time he hugged me he thought of her. I was so mad and angry but he begged me to take him back. So i did. An then we were fine for a while we had arguements every now and then. But then i really started to notice a change. He stopped telling me how much he cared about me and he apparently couldn't "express his feelings to me anymore". I really didnt understand so i guess i started asking him if he could try because it hurt me because i was expressing mine and it seemed like he didnt care. About two we before we broke up he started avoiding me again and said he wasn't aloud to hang out because he was apparently "grounded" because of his grades. I was really upset and took it out on him. I was confused and scared and my mom had just moved and i really needed someone there for me. Because she was out of state. And when i dont see him i was devastated and i cried an couldnt control my anger. But then we broke up about a month after our 2 year anniversary. I was confused on why. He said he was depressed and needed a break. But me being stupid and confused i texted him everyday for about a month trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally he told me that i was controlling because i cried and i apparently picked out his flaws. I isnt realize i had done this to him. I stopped texting him for a while and every now and then i occasionally text him. It has been a little over two months since our break up and i miss and love him so much. But everytime i try to tell him how i feel he gets ma at me. And he just recently called me obsessive an desparate. Am i really desparate because i love him? I think he is seeing someone else too. It just hurts to know that he isn't trying to fix our relationship and is giving up on me when im not giving up on him. We had made a promise to eachother that we would always be together and never give up on eachother. We always said "always and forever". So why is he doing this to me? (Btw he isn't the most attractive either. And so many people want to know why i was ever with him). But its not about looks. Its about how you feel and i feel so broken. I asked him why he didnt want to fix things and he just said because he just doesn't want to. I dont understand how someone you talked to every day wants to have nothing to do with you anymore. Will we ever be together again? (And we are seniors in high school too). I am moving to Florida with my mom at the end of the year. Is he going to try contacting me ever again?

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