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I'm 24 and I definitely think i'm going through a quarter-life crisis. It's almost been a year since I started feeling that way... started around April 2012. I'm in a 3 1/2 year relationship.
I graduated from college twice, last time in June of 2011. I owe a large amount of student loan debt. Got my first job in September 2011. It was a good paying job, and my schedule was nice. After a few months I wasn't happy with my job, I was miserable, I couldn't sleep anymore and I just hated my job! So much for 2 diplomas and still not happy with my career choices.

During that time, I was also living with my boyfriend, who is also my age, in a house he just bought and we had 2 dogs, what more could I ask for? My family and friends considered it "success" and here I was unhappy. I thought I wanted a baby but when I saw both of my close friends have babies it freaked me out. I told myself "i'm not ready for this, I haven't lived my life yet!". It's not what I had in mind for my least not yet.

The relationship between me and my boyfriend wasn't going great, to me anyways. On the other hand he was happy, everything was going good for him. Our sex life was down going down hill. We had sex once per month, sometimes not even..I started feeling unwanted, unattractive etc. And of course I sat down and talked to him, I wanted to know what was wrong and he told how he felt..he said he was tired (he works a lot), our schedules were totally different and etc. We tried working on it but nothing changed.

So back in April 2012 everything just hit me! I felt I was stuck, I hated my job, financially not doing that great with my student debt and everything, I had no sex life and I got really scared of growing older and live like that my whole life.

In July 2012 I quit my job thinking that was THE problem for me being unhappy. But I was wrong, nothing changed, I think things got worst.

My boyfriend treats me well and everything but I think we both want totally different things in life. I want to travel but he doesn't want to. He never wants to go see my family 7 hours from here. We spent 1 christmas with my family during our 3 1/2 years. When I go out with my friends he never came with me, my friends are always asking where he is... I respect he doesn't like to travel and everything else he doesn't like but should I stay with him?

So this is pretty much it. I've been losing sleep trying to figure out what to do and I have no clue...I've been really thinking about moving away alone in a bigger city for career opportunities and live my life, see new things...Am I crazy leaving my boyfriend and the life I have here to go live in an apartment instead of a house? I'm so scared i'm going to regret leaving him but I don't want to stay and ask myself "what if?"

Anyone went through this or is going through this?

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