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I was married for 32 years, had two children.. all was well til I had to have surgery on my spinal cord.. after the third op in 2002 it ended in failure ,
I ended up in wheelchair.

My marriage broke down as my husband couldn't handle it..
I sought a divorce after trying really hard to mend it, he didn't want to as he was having an affair.. later married this woman..

My daughter who was married with 2 little girls didn't take my side in the issue,
I couldn't tell her lots of stuff he'd been doing, as some things were too private an issue, so she didn't know what happened between us..

He went to live with them for a while & saw the G/kids all the time..

When I got my own flat my Daughter beought the girls to see me, & we struck up a great relationship.. They'd come down after school or when they were sick , I'd look after them, when she worked in holidays they stayed ,
I taught them gardening, bought lots of nice things etc..

One night my daughter's husband answered the phone when she was out, he thought it was someone doing a crank call, and he screamed at me.. " I'll f..k you till you Scream" he yelled..

I got such a shock at what he said, I hung up, !!
not exactly something you say to your mother in law!!

I phoned my daughter the next morning,
she came down to see me, then said he wouldn't apologize as he thought he hadn't done anything wrong..

To cut it short, I sold my flat in a week, and moved up to live with my B/friend.. at his house..1 1/2 hours away..

since then I haven't seen my G/Daughters, I sent them Xmas & B/day presents..& a letter & money,.. I got a couple of letters to thank me,

then this year I saw my daughters' photo on Facebook,
on her profile she had written Single , then Separated..

I tried to reach out to her telling her I cared etc.. but she never replied..

I rang her Mom in law who confirmed her & hubby had split..

She is now living back at her/our old house with her father & his wife..with the girls..

I rang her husband , he was devastated( to cut it short,)
he has the girls every 2nd weekend, & on a wed night for tea..

He said he couldn't let me see the girls as he has to have her permission to do so....

I've been really ill, with bleeding from the bowel, have to get lots of investigations done at hospital..

If it proves to be not good news,

How am I going to tell the girls I loved them..all the thing I want to say ,
and give them a cuddle..??

They loved me SO much, everyone tells me, they saw it..

I feel so sorry for them as they loved their dad.. :)
Now it's all ruined..

I'm scared what's going to happen to them as she's been
fluffing around with another man..& using her ex to look after them when it suits..

can you give me any ideas what I could do to see them please? :)

If not I'll leave them something in my will ..the RIGHT way..

Thank you xxx :angel:

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