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My best friend is a guy. However, we respect each other's private time and don't incessantly text. We are best friends, though, so no topic is really off limits.

It seems like maybe he is jealous of you and maybe they were closer than just friends at some point. I could be wrong about the closer than friends part though. Why don't you walk up to him, offer him your hand and talk to him. At least become acquainted with him since he is your girlfriends best friend. I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone and not getting to know their friends. She can't control what her friend does, only what she does. You could talk to her about you getting to know him and befriending him so that you and he can get along and she can have her best friend and her boyfriend. Also ask her to silence the phone when you and she are spending alone time together. You do the same with yours. Tell her you want time that you both can just be alone without outside interruptions.

If she continues to put her friend before you, maybe she isn't as committed to your relationship as she should be and maybe you should move on. I don't think it will go over if you ask her to choose between you and him.
Still best policy is not to say anything about the texts, you will just drive her closer to him. Look at it this way, you're the man, the closed the deal, she is your girlfriend. This other pathetic guy liked her but he had no game so he ended up in the friend zone. He is definately jealous of you so don't let him rent space in your head because if your girlfriend even liked him as a boyfriend they would have got together before. Keep your cool.......

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