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My boyfriend and I were having fights a lot and I didn't know if we should break up well one day I told him I love him so much and want to spend my life with him then he dropped me off at work. I talked to him at 8pm that night on the cell phone and told him I love him so much he told me he loves me to he was hanging out with our friend who was Always at our house she was there even when I was at work I told him I don't really feel comfortable with her always there when she claims she's hated him but however that night I called him again from work and he wouldn't answer so I called her she wouldn't answer either so I started having a panick attack and having worst fears and thoughts in my head so when I got home he still wasn't home and I still couldn't find him about an hour later I get a text from him saying its over I'm ok with it so I freaked and started crying and panicking I was texting him like crazy and he said no I kissed her I felt so sick to my stomach she said she would never do anything with him and he has neer cheated on me before that I am his first girlfriend he says its all his fault and he French kissed her 3 times she claims its not her fault at all but I think it takes both of them u can't kiss someone 3 times and not be involved I was so mad at her for not pushing him away if she cared about me and mad at him for breaking my heart but I am back with him now we do not talk to her anymore but she lives in our building above us but my problem is I have nightmares every night about the images and everything every night I am insecure now and always terrified when he isn't with me I am scared of going to work or other girls being around him I call him and text him and FaceTime him a lot to make sure he's ok and I need help trusting him and moving on I was so hurt my stomach hurts everyday and I'm still in pain from it I'm terrified of losing him again and now he seems different he ignores me more and when I kiss he
Sometimes wants me to stop he saying I don't know when I ask him about everything and is more hostile towards me I hope we can be ok and wish he says he only cheated on me with her cuz he thought I was cheating on him I need help to stop being insecure and try him more how do I move on and forgive him and trust him I love him so much and how do I get rid of all the thoughts and pain and nightmares I'm scarred for life :(

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