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I must agree with the previous posters...The first four months of a relationship are typically the very best, all full of excitement and romance. If you have such doubts about him at this point, I wonder what the next 4 months might bring.

Whether you are being too picky or overly sensitive, I do not know. Whether he is inexperienced or shy, again..I don't know.

The fact that you do not feel appreciated or acknowledged for just being you, is that part I would take into account. Take away all the words, and focus on the actions. Considering your feelings of being unattractive, and not fulfilled would be the signs that I would count.

The early months of a relationship is the time you get to choose whether this man is for you or not. I would have to agree with the others, and say he is not. Life is too short to spend a minute with those who bring you down, hurt your feelings or leave you with the questions you have brought here.

Never jump on to a sinking boat!

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