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Hey everyone, I just really need some outsiders opinions. I've only told my Mom & my Sister what happened. My boyfriend & I have been dating since August of 2009. We've lived together since November of 2011 in a nice apartment. He's 27 & I'm 26. Everything was great with us, so I thought. We both work full time so we hang out all weekend and we see each other for a couple hours every night since I get home from work at 8pm. We have sex about 3 days a week.

The other night his phone was on the counter and one of his emails was opened. It was from a Megan Brown, and it said "Hi, I recently received an email from you. We should hook up." Then there was this website that was attached to it. The e-mail definitely looked like spam. I said to him, "What is that?" He said he didn't know, and he just opened the e-mail up. He said he gets those spam e-mails all of the time. Well, when he wasn't looking, I went to his sent email, and found some really upsetting news. I found 3 emails where he wrote to girls. This is what was said:

1st email: My name is ----. I'm a male from Long Island looking for someone to have fun with. I'm just a normal guy who likes to **** more than others is all. I work everyday and have a gf but sex with her just sucks. I need some fun on the side. I've tried this before on line and never worked out. Not looking for a hooker either. I'm lookin for **** buddy plain and simple. Someone to be friends with too but nothing serious at all. Let me know what you think.

2nd email: Hello. My name is ----. I've been with the same person now for almost 5 years and everything is great but the sex. I'm just looking for something crazy and different.

The last email I saw was from a girl that asked him if he was interested, and he said yes definitely interested. She wanted him to verify myself through this sex offender website so she can be careful and make sure he's not underage. He responded he won't ever do that with a credit card over the net and that dudes that are desperate do that stuff. He said he just wanted to have some fun and sorry that it didn't work out.

I was floored when I saw all of this. Our sex life to me is great. When I first questioned this to him, he denied it all and said that he never wrote any of that. I said how could you be in such denial, it's your e-mail address.

The next morning he came in the bedroom because I kicked him out and told him to sleep on the couch that night. By the way, these emails were in the matter of 1 day, December 20th of 2012, 5 days before Christmas! He asked me if I was mad at him and I said of course I'm mad at you. You were willing to cheat on me. He said he would never go forward with it and he thinks that day we had an argument and he just wanted to be giddy and have a little fun on the computer. He said he doesn't even think he would go through with it because he couldn't hurt me like that. I said, you don't think you would go through with it? You should say, No I would never go through with that. Right around Christmas time he was saying how he wants to get engaged really soon. I questioned him also about how he mentioned in one of the e-mails that he tried doing this through that website before. He said he doesn't remember, and it was before he met that he tried doing this. He felt really bad about this whole thing.

I asked him, do you think our sex life is bad? He said no. I asked him why he would want to find other girls to have sex with. He said well to be honest, around November you started gaining weight, (which I had, and I was really upset about it), and he was starting to become unattracted to me. I've lost 20 pounds since January because I was really upset with my weight and wanted to become healthier. I asked him, Oh so you're not attracted to me while we have sex and that's why you wanted to find someone else to have sex with? He said no that's not true, and he is attracted to me while having sex.

He said he doesn't think that he did anything totally wrong because he didn't go through with it. He said he never cheated on me before and never could through with cheating on me. He says that he loves me and wants to be with me forever, get married and have kids. The whole rest of the day I was in a blah mood, and everytime he talked to me on the phone he would say, I'm going to hang up because you sound depressed and it's making me feel like crap. I said ----, obviously I'm going to feel like this. You were trying to find someone to have sex with and you responded back to 1 person twice, and in 1 of those e-mails you said you were def interested.

My thoughts keep going back and forth. I feel like he would never ever cheat on me physically with someone else, but on the other hand, I feel like he would go through with it and cheat on me. He said stop being silly, everything is fine with us, you know that we love each other and I want to be with you for the rest of my life and I don't want anyone else. In those e-mails, he did say he had a girlfriend and everything was great with us except for the sex. Even though he didn't write that he was looking for an emotional relationship He claimed in the e-mail that he likes to **** more than others. He doesn't act like he wants to **** a lot. Having sex 3 times a week is not a lot. 3 to 4 times a day is a lot.

I don't know what to do. Everything is great with us. My family loves him. He said that he doesn't even remember writing those e-mails and he deleted the posts the same day he did them because he realized afterwards that it was so stupid and he could never do that. Why would he respond to someone saying he was interested though after she asked him if he was still interested? All these types of questions are running through my mind. I am in love with him, and I can't stop replaying the e-mails in my mind and remembering what he said. Any replies would be much appreciated.

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