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I was in a 8 1/2 year relationship that ended a few months ago. i was 14 when i entered the relationship. Im 23 now . We had many sweet time and amazing memories ( traveling, college) but we also built up so much anger towards each other over the last few years ...i fund out he liked another girl ( 5 years ago) and he that he had feelings for her for about 2 years. he never did anything nor did she even know but the fact that he had feelings really devastated me. Also, when we broke up the first time, i started dating and he was hurting so much. We got back together and he held it upon me for years. Even though i never slept with this other man i dated, he would call me a ***** and this lasted until we broke up a few months ago. Then about a year ago he started hitting me every once in a while when we fight. he said i basically push him to the limit. I provoke him. im angry that he never apologizes for hitting me. and even for having feelings for that girl i had to push him to show me remorse. for this past year, we have been VERY VERY distant. He seems that he makes me an option and ive told him that ive felt lonely. FInally on july 4 2012 ..i broke up with him becuase i asked him to hug me and he said UGH not that type of boyfriend to u. So i left him. he begged for forgivness and i came back and about a week or so he broke up with me. And now its been over for good for about 2 months. For the first time after all this mess, I am actually getitng to know someone slowly. the reason i write today is because last week , he asked me to see him ( my ex) and was crying hysterically asking for forgiveness. He gave me all our pics since we were 14. he said i can not do this to us. That we are meant to be. that he loves me so much that he will change and to please stop his pain. He said that he is sorry that he will regret this forever if i do not get back with him. Hes left me flowers on my car and has begged for forgiveness. He says that he wants to marry me and it was a mistake that he never asked. My parents ( my dad mostly and my aunt) never want me to get back with him. They believe he should have made that move of commitment before. They used to always tell me that he will never marry me that he is just "enjoying" this until he finds someone else. I dont know what to do, I like the guy i am talking to. He knows my situation and he is very respectful and kind. My ex contacts me almost once a week and cries his heart out. He holds his heart ( literally touches his chest) and tells me to stop his pain. I feel incredibly sorry, but i dont know what to do. I think it will be a mistake to get back with him and potentially lose a great guy i am currently talking to.

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