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Hi Everyone,

Never in my life have i reached out to anyone like this so bare with me please...and im not the best at typing so i hope this is makes sense.

Im a 32 yr old male, i was in a monogamous relationship from 2000-2010 i met my current girlfriend Dec 2011 we hit it off right away and have been together ever since but it has been an unhealthy battle for both of us. Now she has more dating experience than i do since i was in such a lengthy relationship but i knew right away that she had some type of past history that i didn't know about. She would change moods alot argue over stuff as small as a glass of water, i wouldn't call them drastic mood changes by any means more like would get crank easily. As time went on i met her family who are nice people, but there was always alot of drama surrounding her family, murders of uncles, overdose of boyfriends of siblings alot of things that i know go on every day but ive never been so close too. It seemed like this poor girl seen way to much or has been around way to much at such a young age, and i always would say something wasnt right but she never opened up...She told me that her parents used to go away all the time when they were in highschool and she would be home alone. There is so much more but in the beginning of this relationship she would also say how she was going to save me from my previous relationship and show me how love is suppose to be and things were great for a while. I felt great i felt loved, she seemed happy, then its slowly started..turns out i think she is the one that needed saving the whole time she told me two days ago she was raped by 2 guys at 17yrs old, that drugged her or put something in her drink :( then she says recently like the past 6 month she has been bulimic. She has stayed here in my home but is always bouncing back and forth between he parents kicking her out to us arguing and he running back there, this is very very unhealthy and i always felt i can help her but she always runs back to what i know is an unhealthy environment. She told me shes always afraid she is going to run into these guys when she is down there, she admits its been incredibly hard to finally let this out and to hold it in for so i dont plan on going anywhere, more than ever i want to be here for her and help her threw this. i dont know where to begin, im not a guy who cries and since i found this out i dont go very long without welling up. i cant imagine what this poor girl has gone threw. Now we spent last night together and some of today we spoke alot, cried it seemed like positive time together and a step towards healing...

My real question is and i dont know if this can be answered but, i knew that something was up, and now it all makes sense to me. But will the realtionship ever become stable? i think realizing this and opening up is definitely a start.

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