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Here`s this thing I got. I`m 22. I`m in a relationship with a guy that has just turned 36. We`ve been together for nearly a year. We met at work. I wasn`t much interested in a relationship with him in the beginning but then.. I fell for the guy. I swear God, I`ve never loved anyone as much as I love him.
I trust him, I know I can talk to him about anything so I do, I can be myself with him and he likes me for me being the I am. There are so many good things that both of us feel and do. But.. Ya know, We don`t see each other as much as we want to. or I want to.. Since we lost our job we started at a new one, in different places obviously. He still lives at home at his parents, also he`s the one paying for bills as his parents are retired and they got loads of debts and stuff that need to be paid off. + both us live in the big city but we don`t live so close to each other so he can`t afford to be coming round to mine every day. even if he wanted to.
This is how we keep arguing, well, its actually me who always starts coz I`m not happy. Personally, I`m very needy, demanding, moody individual. Also I am very very spoiled so if I don`t get what I want I get crazy. I`m aware of the negative side of me. But when I met him, I learnt how to control my anger, being patient and plenty other things. We get on in every way. it`s just this one thing I`m never happy about. He says he can`t move in ( I live on my own I forgot to say) because he can`t afford it atm as he got so many bills to pay etc. When I asked him what he thinks, for how long it`s going to be like this for he said He doesn`t know.When the hell will he know?
I`m asking this question myself every day. I keep asking him. Sometimes people get lonely, I do get lonely a lot but then I wish he was around but at the same time I know he cant. Then I worry too much also get a bit depressed. I dont like it. I love him. I had so many other opportunities with different guys in my age during our relationship but I was never interested.
I can see my future with him. But when I get like this, insecure, I don`t know what to do coz I don`t want any of us to get hurt. He doesn`t deserve it.
So can please someone tell me what they think about this whole thing, if they had the same problem and share coz honestly, every time I start this never ending fight just because this one thing ( not being together so often although he`s trying ) it`s hurting both of us and it aint healthy.
Thank you

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