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Now this question is directed to mainly males but Im sure females will want in on it too so feel free.

Here is the question, How can I explain to my girlfriend the reason I look at other women?

So heres the deal, I feel there is 3 categories of guys in this situation; the first guy is the guy who honestly doesn't look at other women(kudos to you guys), the second guy is the guy who does look at other women and is willing to go further than a look(cheating), the third guy (pay attention because this is me) is the guy who will look but is committed to his women and her alone.

Iv read forums about this and its mainly girls telling other girls to dump him and get herself a real man. Then there is one or 2 guys who will explain they're side in the most perfect words like a poem, but the next comment under them is, yup you guessed it, an angry chick who seemed to not even had read the post.

But back to my situation. I love my girlfriend and I wouldn't want to lose her for any of the girls I see when we go out. But that doesn't mean I'v suddenly lost my natural male ego. When I do look at another women its more like a magnet pulling my eyes towards them, I can't help it. And to be honest, thats what women are going for, they want people to notice and thats exactly what they get.
I mean try to imagine if the roles were reversed, if the men were the ones who spent hours putting on makeup to make themselves beautiful and the women were the ones who go throughout they're day looking as if they just got out of bed. Guys probably wouldn't have this problem because there wouldn't be so many girls MEANING to turn heads. I mean come on theres breasts in advertisements, in magazines, in television, here a breast, there a breast, everywhere a breast breast. Heck you can understand the fixation.(kudos to who knows where I got that) I really wish I was the first guy in the categories of guys I mentioned above, I really do but Im not, and I want to except that and I need my girlfriend to except it too.

I can understand the women who have had problems with cheaters in the past (category guy number 2), and thats where this subject get sticky. But Im not like that, I would never cheat, I have many morals I follow in my life and that is one of them. Plus I don't think my girlfriend has ever been cheated on in the past. I do know where she gets her insecurity from though, she was more heavy set when she was younger and has recently drop all that weight and looks damn sexy now. But of course she still feels unattractive. But not all the time, I catch her all the time popping her *** out and checkin it out in the mirror, mmm. But she is still stuck in an insecure state of mind and I don't know what to do or what to tell her.

Now lets say Im alone away from my girlfriend or with a guy friend. Now these times a cherish because now I don't have to feel guilty about it. Some girls will say "If he looks at other girls in front of you what do you think he will do when he's alone?". Ill tell you what I will do when Im alone. I will look, I will look just the same I would look if I was with my girlfriend. Would I flirt? No. No I wouldn't. I have no game when Im single what makes you think I have game now? Would I want to be alone with one of these girls? No. No I wouldn't. I would probably feel so guilty Id puke on her lap anyway.
Because like I said before I have morals and cheating is one of them. But I don't believe talking to an attractive girl alone is cheating unless there is sexual or emotional intensions. So does this mean I can never in the rest of my life make friends with an attractive woman just because she's attractive and my girlfriend cant except me for who I am? Can we never go have fun at a beach because its full of beautiful women? There is going to be attractive women everywhere in the world, there has to be a point in a relationship where this stops so us guys can go about our day without the feeling of guilt.

I cannot change the fact that I am a human, male. I really cant. I am a human, male who has a beautiful girlfriend that I love very much. And Im sorry Im the category of guys you don't like. But if I wasn't then I wouldn't be the same guy you fell in love with. Trust me Bubi, (our cute lil nickname) if I saw you on the streets Id be checking you out too, I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off you, How do you think we got together anyway? You think I never gave you a gaze? And now that Iv given my heart to you, you are the only one I will ever pursue. You are the only one I want to love. And I am tired of the guilt. I want to feel free. And I need your help.

Like a said this question was aimed for guys in a similar situation but anyone is welcome. I think Im ready for the bitchy women but please remember Im not a bad guy, I am just a guy.

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