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I hate to say it, but I think I base my happiness on whether I am in a relationship or not.

I have things going on in my life that I am not happy with at all. My ex and I broke up about 7 months ago, after being together for 3 years and purchasing a house together. I was laid off from my well paying job, so he got the house and I had to move back in with my parents (im 26).

I feel alone and unhappy. I have great friends, an awesome hobby (I own and show horses), but I feel like something huge is missing from my life, and it is a guy.

I am an only child, and have a huge fear of growing old alone, and having to deal with my parents death without having a significant other. My parents have been very supportive financially my whole life, but emotionally, they kind of missed the boat! Which is why I think I feel like I need to have a boyfriend to try and feel that void.

I have hung out with a few guys since my break up. Some I knew were not for me, and it was not a problem not talking to them again. I went with a friend to a guys house for a little get together, and instantly felt something. He did not share those feelings, but I cannot get him out of my head at all. It drives me nuts!

How do I get over the feeling of feeling like I need someone? I want to make sure when I do find someone it is because I actually like them and its not because I am just trying to fill a void.

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