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I think you need to stop answering their questions. If they ask you stuff about this again, just say, "We really haven't made up our mind yet but thanks for letting me know your thoughts." Or something. Throw them off. Don't give them any details that can be used against you. It's not that hard, just keep your thoughts to yourself and say I don't Know, I'm not Sure, We haven't decided Yet, etc.

You're never going to change them so you need to stop trying to make them do what you want. Instead you change how you react to them. If you use the phrases I mentioned above, you can avoid all the drama by not engaging them in any kind of conversation at all, because any of those sentences can shut down a conversation pretty quickly. That's all you need to do and don't get so angry about it. There are people like them all over the place and you will encounter people like that your whole life. The key is to react in such a way that maintains your integrity while giving the person the least amount of info possible so they can't possibly come back at you about the topic over a s over again.

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