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My boyfriend has been my best friend for almost two years he and me would talk about everything and gave each other advices. The first semester of senior year was great we were still best friends but I had a little crush on him then he went back with his ex for like a week because he really didn't liked her he told me he felt pressure and I told him to talk to her about his feeling so they ended their relationship. a week later he told me he like me and we talked about it and started going out. Everything was going great yeah we had a few fights but we went thru them. we had almost all classes together we would always had a good time maybe that's the reason why we fell for each other. Now we're almost 6 months but his leaving to another state because of college and we both knew this was going to happened. he committed to his college before we started dating things are kinda difficult now we bearly see each other. he want it to quit everything but I told him if we're meant to be everything is going to fall together and we both have to do college. But now he tells me he does loves me but he loves me more as his best friend he said he doesn't get jealous no more and we don't know what to do because he doesn't want nothing to end we're really confused. he still wants me as his best friend but I don't think I handle that. I don't want to loose him I'm so scared if he likes another chick at his school.

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