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I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We live together and I have children from a previous marriage. He has always been very reserved, protecting, and he really doesn't speak about his past everything, including his relationships, and his relationship with his family. He seems to get angry about the smallest things. He has never been physical, but he can say hurtful things at times. He always seems to find a flaw in me, and I know that I can not be at fault all the time. He talks a lot about not trusting people, and me not knowing what he has been thru. Of course I don't know because he does not open up to me. I love him to death and when he is not upset he is a great man. Also he does not want me getting close to his family, not even with his mother. Which makes things difficult because we all live together. He seems to try to push me away then his actions will be the exact opposite. It breaks my heart because I know how I feel about him, and just the thought of him not believing in us, is hard. I've tried to talk to him several times but he just shuts me out. What can I do to help him or can I even help him???

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