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im really glad this message board is here, because I really need to talk about this. i dont know what to do. so I left my boyfriend of 13 years because of his controlling way, anger problems, demening behavior and much more. i moved out and got an apartment. I was really depressed and hated being alone. i felt so lost. so here goes,and yes its crazy and I feel bad about this all. Me and my good friend, whos biologically a male, started sleeping together(without protection) so this went on for awhile. we are great friends and very close and have been for a couple of years. he lives his life as a female though. anyway, we stoped sleeping together and have remained friends as usual, its a little different though i have to admit. so my girlfriend introduces me to her guy friend who is helping me buy a house. When we first met, it was instant attraction on both sides. asside from business, he took me out to dinner a couple of times and we flirted and fun. then on my birthday he asked me out to dinner, comedy club and movies we had a blast and he told me he was totally in to me, which I do think he was/is. he was calling me regular asking how my day was, and talking to me getting emotionally close. we were hooked on each other. I get some free movie ticket and invite him and he tells me that he needs to tell me that he has a girlfriend and cant go to the movies with me. he would love to but cant. he was afraid of falling in love with me. I was shocked he acts so single. he said nothing will change between us. well we went out one night and ended up sleeping together(without protection) and we have been doing this for 5 months. we dont go anywhere afer this night, its late night sex a my place. I know its bad. so recently this last month i havent got many phone c all or visits, some due to his dad being sick and died. but he called me last week to tell me he just settels with his girlfriend and I am better. hmm. so I had a pap smear and results came back positive for hpv number 16. the one that causes cervical cancer. so last night I told him its possible he gave it to me. I also told my other friend too. 13 years with a negative test and one of these people gave me this. so he was upset and felt bad. i told him his girlfriend probably has it too. yesterday he also sent me an inventtion to linked in. I have no clue what this is but set up a profile and looked at his contacts trying to figure out what it is. I clicked on a couple of people. so he just calls me and tells me he think I blew it becaue I clicked on his girlfriends profile (not knowing it was her, i had no info about her name or anything at all) and his girlfriend goes back to him asking him who I am. He said he made up a lie to cover it up and that he needs to chill out for awhile and he will call me later. apparently he thought I knew who his girlfriend was. Im like no you never told me. Ughhh, now im upset. this whole thing is screwed up and I dont know what to do. if he is just setteling with his girlfriend why does he stay with her then? he did mention something before about his high profile job and his job requiring someone of highstatus or something. weird ifyou ask me. why try to please everyone else instead of just livingyour own life. I really care about this guy aside from being friends with him. we told each other before that whatever happens between us we would alway remain just friends. any advice?

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