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Hello everyone, I havne't been on this board for probably close to a year and I have given out tons of advice in the past but I now need some direction and advice in my current situation. I will try to keep this brief. I'm currently engaged. I met this really great guy 7 months ago and moved in with him just a month ago. We are planning to get married in November. For the most part things are good between us but he has this 41 year old nagging ex girlfriend of 16 years whom he never married that just wants to remain relevant and make our life a living hell. They have a 14 year old daughter who has her own phone, but her mother seems to always want to contact my finance to talk about whatever. First off she left him just a year ago..moved out and everything and had seemed to move on until I came into the pic. Now she just wants to call, text and nag and fuss about dumb things. She hounds him for money as well. She even told him she didn't want me moving into his house (in his name only)..she doesnt want their daugher around me etc. I'm sure that you all of heard of women like that. She pretty much wants to destroy our relationship. My biggest concern is that he seems to cater to her feelings more than mine it seems. His car is down right now and he has an event to go to for his daugher today. His ex suggested that he can ride with her mind you I have a car too granted the event starts at 5:30 today and I get off at 5. So he felt like since i dont get home til after the event that since she suggest he cud ride with her and for him to even think that getting in her car is okay is just crazy. I honestly don't think that he has any interest in her whatsoever becuase they had a terrible 16 year relationship where he had left her many times cuz all he did was nag and fuss and try to control things which is pretty much what she is doing now and it pisses me off that he is so afraid of her taking him to court for child support that he hasn't put his foot down to let her know that she needs to stop calling about petty things and that if it's not about their daughter than she needs not call at all. He pretty much wants to keep peace but I'm not at peace witht this. The daughter is 14 and has her own phone so she can call if you needs anything. I'm more upset with him becuase he thinks its okay to talk to her about whatever else is going on in his life as he sees her as a friend. I personally beleive she just wants to remain relevant and get info from him just to stay in the loop. I have expressed to him several times how I feel about him answering her calls and talking to her right in front of me. Its so disrespectful. He claimes its nothing and that he is with me at the end of theday and that he loves me and me only. I do beleive he loves sme but why can't he understand that he is with me now and that he needs to cut ties with her unless its regarding their daughter and that getting in her car would be wrong knowing how I feel about this whole situation. Am I over reacting or should I walk away because i feel like he is more worried about her feelings and pleasing her more than my own feelings. I know they were together off and on for 16 years and that's a long time but still that relationship is over and maybe jumping into a relationship with me just 6 months later wasn't the best thing to do. She claims she doenst want him although her actions speaks differently because she comes off so bitter and jealous of him being with me and he claims he would NEVER go back to her because all they ever did was fight most of the time. He assures me that he loves me so why can't he just understand my feelings and not wanting him to talk to her all the time about any and everything. Please give me some direction on how I should handle this? I'm at my wits ends.

I welcome many comments questiosn and advice.

Thanks so much!

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