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He cheated once
Jul 1, 2013
I have been dating my current boyfriend for 13 months. I am 23, and he is 37 (14 years older). Our relationship was great at first, and still is for the most part. But here is the backlog..... he moved in with me a 1 month after we met and we were great.

In night in December he didn't cone home. He told me he got a hotel BC I had been nagging him. The next day we were perfect and did Christmas with my parents. Shortly after, he got his own place. Mid January I found his cell phone hid under the bed and he had been messaging a woman with extreme sex talk. He told he she was an old girlfriend. We didn't speak for several days and he promised it would never happen again.

In April, I found letters and Valentines gifts from the woman. I called her. So actually the night in December, he had met her and had sex. And in January she drove 6 hours to stay one night with him. She told me she had no idea of me and it was zero connection besides sexual and he had completely ignored her since her visit, even never acknowledged the Valentine's gift.

So now our relationship is great, but I consistanly think he is cheating. When I am out of town, we don't talk much. And he acts like it is no big deal and we are both just busy. But it bothers me. At the moment he is contemplating moving to Texas (from Tennessee) and wants me to move with him. Should I? Or am I setting myself up for a trap and life of cheating and lies?

....... I have to say, I have tried my best yo be everything he wants. I deal with Hus ex. I am good to his kids. I gave never done a thing to misuse his trust.

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