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Hi everyone,

I am new to this website board, but it looks like there are a lot of great people on here getting real advice and I am really in need of some. My situation has been long and really frustrating, I have tried to figure it out by myself but keep ending up with not knowing what to do. I have been in a relationship for 4 1/2 years. To say in a nice way, I never really thought this person was for me, he has a few good qualities, works, has a good job, is very handy and that's about it. He hardly ever communicates with me, and if he does, its usually an insult of some sort or a put down or what I don't do. Granted I am not perfect, but neither is he. The one big problem that he has is he does like to drink. Now I am not a drinker, I hardly ever drink, and if I do its like a beer every 3 weeks or a beer a month. He is the opposite, he enjoys drinking with his friends and even by himself. he knows how I feel about it, but I don't really complain about it, because I accept him for who he is. I just feel the relationship is a dead end. He doesn't like to go out to the movies, doesn't enjoy doing things in the summer like beaches, doesn't really take me anywhere and its been this way for a very long time. He never gives me a compliment on ANYTHING. I mean anything. Never says I look pretty, I did a good job at something or anything, it is all negative insults. He does work but I don't think that should be an excuse for not wanting to do anything. Sometimes if he buys me something say at a store he will even take it from me and hold it hostage until I do something for him, or when he feels like giving it to me. I left broke up with him in April, only to come back in May. In may he promised me he would change, he would put me first, do things for me, not neglect me, and that was all good for about 3 weeks but things are right back to the way they were before. I do live with him, but there are nights where he will go to sleep right when he gets home and I end up being alone the entire night. Most of the time I feel I am single and just there. It has gotten really lonely and I just would like to know what other women would do in my shoes. I don't have any single friends most are married the few I got, and its tough to ask them about relationships. I just don't feel he even cares about me, but whenever we breakup which we have in the past many times, he will treat me really good for a few weeks, then go right back to being nasty and putting me down all the time. I am tired of dealing with it. I feel in my heart he is not the one for me and I should breakup with him, but why is it so hard to do. I just want reassurance that how I feel is legitimate and that how he treats me is wrong. I think being single is better than being in this situation, I would love to hear everyone's comments on this. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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