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Your mom is so weird and inappropriate. I don't understand what reason she would possibly have for staying in touch with your ex. He was only a part of your life for such a short time (compared to how long you've been married), so why is she still talking to him? For what reason? Does she know about how much he messed you up with his control freakiness? Does she understand why you're not with him? I can't understand why any mom would stay in touch with an ex boyfriend of her daughters who was only in the picture such a short time and who caused her so much pain.

Does she have a crush on him or something? That's the only possible explanation I have. If I were you I'd tell her she is too old for him so she can stop fantasizing about him anytime before she makes an idiot of herself.

Furthermore, I would not share any more info with her than the most minimum details any longer since you know she is telling him everything. And I agree that you can tell her why she doesn't get all the details because her email romance with your ex makes you want to puke and until it stops you're done sharing anything personal with her. I think that's what you need to do. Stand up for yourself and don't be afraid to call her out on her unacceptable and inappropriate relationship with your ex.

I'm actually stunned that anyone's mom would be sharing personal info with the control freak ex of her daughter. That is a foreign concept to me. My mom would never do that to me because she ends up strongly despising all of my ex's regardless of who caused the breakup. No one is allowed to hurt her kids or else they go on her list of people who suck. Your mom is a weirdo.

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