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Hi Rose!

I'm feeling okay now, thanks for asking! I had bone grafting and implants put in my mouth because I have such a difficult time wearing the conventional dentures. So it's healing time for me and I'm happy to say I can finally eat more normal foods.

No, my friend is NOT going to change. Part of me is really, really angry at her and then the anger turns into hurts. I guess I expected too much from her so I once again set myself up for disappointment.

Being the loyal Scorpio I am, I just thought that being best friends with someone for 40 years meant something but it does not.. My older sister said that I'm competing with her daughter and that is something I do not want to do. Darn, her daughter has a live-in boyfriend who does NOT want to marry her (I wonder why??) and he did NOT want to have a 3rd baby (can't blame him there) and yet my best friend does everything for her including giving her money every month until my best friend (I should say ex-best friend) is broke. Hey, that's her choice right?

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good. Hope you are well!


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