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Hi all

I am now 25 (old to my mom) and am sad as my mom does not hug me anymore and acts indifferent, as if I were not her child. She said, upon me questioning why she never hugs me anymore (never hugged me since I was about early teens, if that) that I am too old for hugs! How weird is that ... I have seen older children hugged by their parents no matter what age. A bond should never stop just because of age changes. I just feel that answer is ridiculous.

I keep telling her she is not the same anymore and not like a mum anymore as mums usually hug and comfort their children whatever age (if they are normal). I feel like she does not love me as much as she used to and will not dare admit it but I can tell...

What have I done wrong? I feel our relationship is failing and would be grateful if someone could help me work it out or even share their experiences or maybe suggestions. I have tried hugging her but it does not tempt her to hug me...

It's as if she has an emotional block towards me. Does she hate me? Was I an accident? I would have preferred to have been given/adopted to other people who are more emotionally committed.

I know I will be looking for a boyfriend who is caring and can replace her. Same if I find any friends, which I have not got currently due to social isolation with ill health and no one to take me out and meet new people.

Mom has said she worries that I may go to a boyfriend and stay with them just to get affection or hugs and I am sad to say it will be partially that as that is what I know is missing from my life.

Kind regards

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