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My boyfriend of 45 years of age and his daughter of 24 both have immaturity issues.

I can't stand it anymore, they fight about everything.

She finally moved out last year because she got pregnant with her now fiancee which is great, they get along and now have a 3 month old beautiful daughter.

Well, he and the daughter just had a blow out over issues I would rather not get into as they are personal.

Well she told her dad which is my boyfriend of two years that he will never see his granddaughter and she doesn't want him part of her life. My boyfriend I know was very hurt, I was crying because I could see the pain in both of their eyes. I tried to talk to them but without getting in the middle of the fight. I would not take sides as this is their battle and they must conclude it and get on with life.

Well I was just told today by a reliable source that I could come see the grand baby and babysit anytime I want.

I love this child so much, I feel as she is my granddaughter, but I don't know what to do.

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend by going and visiting his daughter and the baby without him knowing.

I also don't want to feel as if I am leaving him out, because deep down inside, I am still hurting inside as of what she said to him and what he said to her as well.

I feel that she is using the grand baby to get her way and to hurt him but is telling me it is okay for me to see the grandchild.

My boyfriends mother is an instigator and likes to start problems and she is the reliable source that came to me with this and she told me not to tell her son which is my boyfriend about all this.

I feel that I can't keep this a secret, I don't like keeping any secrets from him and tell him everything, I have told him more than I have ever told anyone in my life, he is my best friend.

I really don't know what to do and I am not sure what to do.

I wanted to ask my friends and or family what to do, but I am afraid it might get back to him before I talk to him about it.

What should I do, I am so confused....

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