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Ok, so I have been seeing/dating my boyfriend for nearly a year but officially about 11 months now. I never knew who he was yet always saw him around and was instantly attracted to him (sounds cliche but I am not the sort of person who usually believes in this stuff). Anyway, when we first started seeing each other, we were so laid back about everything. We texted twice a week, saw each other twice a week and if we had to cancel plans it was no issue, in the beginning stages. He moved into my house with me for a month, and whilst he was working I was the stay at home wife type character who cleaned and cooked for him. this had lead onto myself doing other things for him, and now I do an unbelievable amount for him to which I do not ask for it to be reciprocated. But, at the moment we are long distance together, and I've been starting to feel like he isn't doing enough for me. I don't ask for material goods etc, I ask for some communication, started by him preferably. I feel like when he is with his friends I will not talk to him because I want to let him go to have a good time. But lately, it has gotten to the point where he doesn't even bother to talk to me until I make the first move and THEN he starts making an effort with me. He always goes on about how much I do for him and that I do too much so why does he not just do the same back sometimes? I feel like I would go to the extreme for him and he wouldn't. I mean my main focus point used to be my career. Now I am with him it seems he is and I hate it! I don't want to be that type of girl. I want to be laid back as possible and I don't want to be clingy and I am not to him. I just don't know whether I should cut my strings and just bother less with him or what? I think that I should bother less because he does and lives a happy life.

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