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I just feel like somethings wrong because it really upsets my boyfriend, he's just a normal guy, that wants a little love at least. Even once a week for me to cuddle up with him. He's the most understanding guy, doesn't pressure me for anything, even sex. But sometimes the lack of affection gets to him really bad and he said he tries so hard and gets nothing in return.

Oh but I did have that chemistry with my first boyfriend..every time we kissed, for 5 years, I almost fell over after, that spark, that rush, our intimacy was so addicting we did it every time we hung out.. I felt in my soul that we were meant to be together. But I can't be with him again, he is unfaithful, not trust worthy, a flirt to every girl, he never admitted it. To this day. I can never trust him again, tried so hard, he was like a bad drug. We were just like a magnet, always finding a way back to each other. The good moments, I was in a high, but the bad outweighed the good, I couldn't eat, I was down to 110 lbs at 5'6. I'm now 140 after I got over him. I feel like I loved him because he actually made me FEEL something. I felt the bad, the worrying, the sadness, betrayal, I don't want that. I also DID NOT show him affection either, only when I felt I was losing him and I was desperate to keep him, even then felt forced. I'm giving someone else a chance and we are in a REAL relationship.

Ever since I started taking a lower dose form of my birth control a month later I just do not want sex or care to think about it... I swear its the pill. I used to all the time. Well, a little less since I turned 20.

It's just really hard. We talked over dinner last night and he said we're about to hit the 6 month stage, and he really starts thinking about a relationship within the 6 to 8 month range and decides whether this will be longterm or he will bail because he doesn't want to waste time. He's only the second guy I've had sex with, I'm not comfortable yet and I told him but he doesn't get it. I really want him to get me, he's really trying

Its just hard because my mom, the one person who knows me, since I started dating almost 6 years ago will say "don't you just go up to him and hug him? You don't do that? Just a simple hug, or hold his hand?" She has always been really concerned about me, she just wants me to be in a healthy relationship. Even now, she goes "have you hugged your boyfriend today :) go up and hug him :)" through text message. I told my bf and me and him joke like hey what if she came home and we were making out your mom would clap and go "yayyyyy!!! I'll leave now!!!" Lol. We make a lot of jokes, we are two very interesting people with really odd humor but it works for us.

My mother gave me a very big sum of money, I couldn't believe she did that, what did I do "oh...thanks..." I did manage to give her a little hug. But she KNEW I was very appreciative because she knows me. I could get a brand new 50,000 dollar car from someone and be so incredibly happy but calmly thank them with a smile on my face. I can't show it.. Only to animals or a baby animal I'm all "OMG :D :D I love you!!! Eeeeee!!!!!! I'm so happy :D" it's very weird to me..

I feel like once I move out on my own in a couple months, our relationship will be better..I was house sitting my best friends mothers house for a week, I was scared and just lonely and wanted my boyfriend there every night. When now, I live at home, I'm comfortable, I have my mom, cable, all my pets. I love it here. But I also want to move out and start a new chapter of my life. I'm almost 21!

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