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Thank goodness you two are not living together! it sounds like he has good qualities, but is not the whole package for you. The thoughtful gifts and gestures can not make up for the things you want. In all relationships we have to do some give and take, but not give up our basic needs. Simple communication and problem solving are essential though. Inevitably, things are going to come up and need resolution. If you cannot discuss them, you cannot resolve them, and that itself becomes its own problem. These little problems become big problems when they keep getting swept under the rug. Having a history of communication problems gives you no confidence in future issues, and that is trouble.

My husband and I have a system that works well. Anytime either of us have a problem, we bring it up and deal with it. Now we have no problems. Taking these things one at a time, leaves us without a pile of little petty problems waiting to be fixed. We never have more than one problem at a time. This gives both of us confidence in our partnership being able to solve things together, and that is a comforting feeling.

While this man appears to be a kind and thoughtful person, you deserve to find the person who provides you with the passion and balance you are looking for. Don't sell yourself short. The right man will inspire you to be the best you possible. I hope you can move on without hard feelings, as life is a journey that always requires change. Wishing you well.

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