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What happened??
Sep 29, 2013
so im a bit confused and ill try and keep it simple, theres this man i met at a party back in jan last year, we hit it off but i was in a relationship, we stayed in touch as friends as we had mutual friends and would often see each other. a year later i split from my boyfriend (of 6 years), me and this man decided to give it a go as we couldnt hide our feelings, despite my worries of moving out of a long term relationship and starting something so soon he reassured me that we would take it slow and see what happened especially as we already had a friendship bond. great!!

This was working fine, although he got a bit serious telling me he loved me and started making plans for the future. then something weird happened, we were talking on the phone and i had to go to work so he said he would call me later, he never did, i figured he had gone to sleep. the next day he text me and said he was going to his brothers and did i want to go round, i had plans with my family so couldnt go.. that was the last i heard from him.

the next thing i know is that he's met some woman and has been at her house ever since, its been 5 days now, iv not heard from him at all, he's put pictures of them both on facebook- this is how i found out!! i spoke to his brother who knows very little, only that he bumped this woman in the pub (that same night he had gone to his brothers) and he used to know her, thats it.

Now i know our 'relationship' was only early days but we spent a lot of time together as friends previously and he helped me emotionally when i split from my boyfriend. he had waited a long time for me and him to get together and seemed happy when we did (even to a point where he planned our future).

i feel betrayed, let down by a man i trusted but who was also my best friend but mostly i feel confused. im not being judgmental but this lady is at least 10 years older and not very attractive, people always tell me im pretty and that hes lucky to be with me, every day he told me i was beautiful. and its not about looks i know but i do question why? anybody would in this situation.

i havent called him, i dont know what to say? we spend sundays together each week, its our relax day and we go out, today he checked in at the cinema with her. what has gone wrong?

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