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Dear All,

I don't even know where to start... My husband is the love of my life... I met him when I was 17, big love, first love... he moved to US... didn't heard about him 25 years when he found me again, asked me to merry him at Romeo and Juliet's balcony in Verona, I... accepted and here I am. In US with a stranger...
He used to be the sweetest man, a little gelous, a little possessive, a little carrying but in the moment I arrived to US, everything changed. He is an old fashion tip, me a professional working girl. I had everything in my home country, lost everything for him, including friends. I don't know, how he fulled me. He is a control maniac. He left me without a phone, a connection to my family for more than 8 months. On the other hand, he calls me by the phone 30 times a day. He has all the signs for being bipolar. I have so many things to share, I just don't know if that's the best place. I would love to share my experience with somebody in the same situation.
I do have a phone now, but I am talking only with him and my father. I am
Very friendly, but toafraid of consequence to have one. Appreciate your answer.
I've been through emotional, mental and partial fizical abuse (not that bad) he is throwing things in the wall, hit me with the laptop, he made a joke while I was sleeping: he waked me up lightening the lighter directly on my bare foots... that was a joke for him a lot of other things... on the other hand today he is sweet, but if I am not answering the phone (because I was doing the laundry in the basement) he is going crazy, enable to believe that I didn't spoke with somebody else. If he is drinking more than one glass, then he is just looking to start a fight, and I never know what will be the sparkle. And he has sleeping problems, he private me from sleep for a long time. And anger management. I want to see a counselor, but he keeps telling me that the only issue we have is because I am not listening to him. But I really am. He want sex every day and night and massage every evening. I am exhausted. What can I do? I would like him to see a specialist but he believes that I am the problem...
Did I mentioned that I worked 2 jobs to feed his family.? Did I mentioned that he moved from the west coast to the east coast and vice versa in 3 years? Did I mentioned that he has six kids and in the beginning I knew only about three?..
Thanks for reading.

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