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Im 19 ive been with my boyfriend since January. The first 9 months I couldn't ask for anyone better, my family went through a though time and he was there for me the whole way. We had our first argument in Aug about his ex constantly ringing for no reason, they are still friends and im happy with that, I still talk to an ex. But in the space of a week I noticed they were contacting each other a lot more. she called 5 times in a row and he couldn't tell me what was so important for her to talk to him about. It made me uncomfortable that he didn't answer infront of me she carried on ringing him as the week went on about 2 or 3 times a day. I asked him why there was all of sudden so much contact and he couldn't tell me. I then told him if I see her calling this much again I will take it upon my own hands to find out what is so important. so the next time I saw it I got her number and text her. he said ok and told me it wouldn't happen I explained to her I didn't have a problem with them talking but it was the amount of calls that was making me uncomfortable she explained everything and it turned to be nothing. But from then on my boyfriend has lost trust in me. we argue all the time over things that I think about after and think are so silly. He could be a little bit rude to me and I would flip out completely and say really nasty things. not just name call but cut to bone. I don't mean to do it and I hate myself so much afterwards, at the time I know what im saying is wrong but the anger inside me just makes me feel like it doesn't matter and I should still say it, when really who do I think I am to be so spiteful. please someone help me
how can I learn to control how I feel more and how can I learn to not let little things bother me and focus on good things

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