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(Sheís 27, Iím 44)
Itís been about 3 years since we've been seeing each other. At first it was really bumpy. We weren't really official because we never said we were or inclusive. She was getting over her ex while spending time with me, brought home random guys, gives out her phone number to men (which she still does) even did this to me blatantly in front of me, and the worst part happened one night even after many days/nights of caring for her, providing her friendship, romance, making dinners, giving massages, she went out, called me 3:30 in the morning one night said that she didnít' know where she was so I went out on the streets looking for her. After I couldn't find her and eventually called the police, I heard her in the hall ways walking up with some skinny rap gangster wannabe, pushed me aside and both of them went in her apartment and had sex.
Why do I know she had sex? Here's the worst part, we live right next door to each other and our bedrooms are directly adjacent to each other.
She invited her ex to say at her place and naturally slept with him too.
At this point, I know I was the idiot in wasting time with her. Asking myself what is it about her that I liked?
But still as time progressed, I lost interest in her and didn't have any care to do the things that I use to. But then things started to improve her attitude...her ex, her bringing some degenerate over...
She can be kind, considerate, has a great job and very family oriented...and of course like everyone else has a bad temper now every now and then. Over time, she showed me sincere affection, introduced me to her family, spent time with them, spent hundreds of dollars for hotel, clothing, meals, etcÖfor me.
And then recently, the worst happened again, I noticed on her phone there was a text from a guy that she went out on a date with. I was in bed with her when she was listening to her voice mail and got a message from the gang Thats when I walked away from her again.
To this day, she basically doesn't feel that thereís nothing wrong to give her number to random guys and dates just as long as she doesn't bring them back or have sex with them.
I know we never said we were officially dating, but cmon, I think itís pretty clear when you spend almost every day with each other for almost 3 yrs, and spend quality time, you don't say it like weíre in elementary

This of course is just a little piece of the pie. She recently mentioned that all of her friends are getting married and wasnít sure if I was the one she wanted to marry? I said to her, how can you even think of marriage if youíre philosophy is flirting with other guys all the time?

Iím writing this to the public because I feel that just telling her what my friends had felt about this and what the general public would feel about this. Iíd like to finally give her some outside source regarding this.

It also sucks that she is renting and I own my place, so I can't just pack up and leave. And I was so ****** that she renewed her lease.

Thank you all.

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