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Dear adelex, You are both still young & like me & most will probably have more than one long love relationship before the right one comes along. I thought i would die of heartbreak with 2 breakups, went to my parents & cried for a week unable to eat, get out of bed but i lived to see the day i would find the right one. I through myself into work, took every double shift & i prayed for Gods will for me to be done & two weeks later started dating my husband & married 10 months later 30 years ago, i had known him all of my life & he had been waiting for me to be available since high school, 7 years! I had to endure the break up to be available. Infatuation fades & dies soon after, months to a year or so imho,its just postponing the inevitable to stay with someone that is just better than having no one at all & meanwhile you are not available to find someone else that will care if you are scared, worried, crying thats real love to care if you are hurting. Remember actions speak louder than words, so what if he says i love you if his actions are not loving according what you believe is love.

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