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So I've been single this past year after a long, emotionally abusive relationship. I've done therapy so I wouldn't drag the problems I had out to anyone else and tried to build my self esteem back.

I started working whilst studying. I got over my ex in the first few months of the year due to all the lying he had done when we were together. I got closer to my friends, partied, and started enjoying life. I started dating men 8 months after the breakup.. nothing too serious, and certainly not a priority. I was focused on uni mainly and a trip abroad I had been waiting to do for the whole year, to a Country I'm in love with and will move to when I'm done with my Masters.

On my last month before I did this amazing trip, this guy appeared. We met through an internet website. I didn't like him at first mainly due to his arrogance. He's very successful in what he does. He was really into me however. We had sex and started spending so much time together that he eventually started to fall for me. I fall in love slow, yet I had intense feelings.

The night before I left for my trip he asked me to be his gf. We had only been dating ONE month. It was too soon. I didn't really know him that well. Nonetheless I agreed and the next day I talked to him calmly, from the airport, saying it was too soon to get into a relationship. Angrily, he agreed and said we could both do whatever we wanted.

On the first few days of my trip, we exchanged loads of text messages and had sevral skype calls. He was sweet, he cared, he was attentive. I told him I was really into him and only wanted to be with him. One day, he got mad over a misunderstanding and deleted me from facebook. Then he wrote a goodbye e-mail. Desperate and lost, I called him and demanded to know what was going on. It had been a misunderstanding and we cleared the issue up. Weird reaction, tho, right? He's not 12 years old. He's 28 (I'm 26 btw). I would've called and discussed before I'd "break up".

Two weeks later, I asked him if he wanted to get into a serious relationship with me. I was still abroad. He agreed and continued being super sweet and attentive. Then one day I was sad because I had dreamt of a friend who killed herself in real life. I told him, and he acted like a douche. He later apologized and said he had acted like that because he really missed me. I understood, but was afraid to give in. Some days ago I sent him a video with a friend and text messages. He saw them but didn't answer back. I wrote 5 messages and he would still not respond, even though I could see he had logged in recently. I got angry and told him off. At that moment I see he logs in, so I called, knowing he likely had his mobile in his hand. I called him but he didn't pick up. I wrote to him and then called him again and got the voicemail. He just stopped writing out of the blue. He won't answer my calls and he won't make any.

1st Question: Why!?
2nd question: I am in my favorite Country in the World. Yet this has really unbalanced me and I'm super sad. I'm depressed I'm going back "home" soon, I'm depressed about this whole issue. I don't understand it. I'm sad and feel lonely. I love being alone, but it's gotten so lonely.. Should I get over him? What's the best way to get over someone when you can't talk things trough? (I need to understand things in order to proceed).

I'm sorry for the long post. I am very, very sad and would appreciate any answer.

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